8 Things We Love About Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates has been the new craze in the last few years, but truth be told the reformer has been around for a long time.

The Pilates Reformer is a machine that works on a spring system.

It provides a versatile way to perform numerous exercises in a fun and safe way.


Here are 8 things we love about Reformer Pilates –

1. Reformer Pilates Can Increase Muscle Strength

In Pilates your muscles are challenged as they contract and lengthen through exercises. Muscle strength is so important for your health!

Keeping your muscles strong will help prevent injuries keeping you doing everything you love and help you live longer.

Fun Fact: Your body contains over 600 muscles, largest being your gluteal maximus (your bottom) and the smallest being your stapedius which is a small muscle in your ear!

2. Reformer Pilates Can Help With Injury Prevention

No one likes being injured! On the reformer we learn how to properly engage our muscles to help prevent injuries from occurring. Pilates is a low impact form of exercise, similar to walking and swimming you can reap the benefits, without putting added stress to your joints.

Fun Fact: According to the World Health Organisation, among musculoskeletal disorders, low back pain causes the highest burden with a prevalence of 568 million people.

3. Reformer Pilates Can Help Improve Posture

Good posture comes with good alignment of the spine. In reformer pilates we can target the smaller muscles in the neck and upper back which help keep your spine more upright which helps in improving posture.

Fun Fact: Improving posture can help with neck pain and headaches too.

4. Reformer Pilates Can Assist With Rehabilitation From An Injury

Whether it is an injury from a car crash, chronic lower back pain, a blow to the knee from a sporting injury or a niggly shoulder injury that never seems to get better. Reformer pilates is a great tool to assist in rehabilitation. The physio’s at Phyx are able to show you specific exercises on the reformer which can help improve function and get you back on your feet.

5. Pilates Can Improve Core Strength And Spinal Support 

Core strength is so important as it enables your body to work more efficiently. Having a strong core is known to help people that suffer lower back pain too.

It teaches your muscles around your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work together. Having a stronger core helps the rest of your body work at its best as well as improving balance, coordination and stability.

Fun Fact: Regaining core strength the right way is super important after having a baby!

6. Reformer Pilates Can Decrease Stress And Increase Mental Wellbeing

According to Science Direct, research shows that when you are required to think about how you are moving during pilates, your brain cells grow at a faster rate and your nervous system is working harder than usual to coordinate connections through the whole body.

This can help decrease stress, anxiety and fatigue, while improving mood and wellbeing.

7. Reformer Pilates Can Promote Weight Loss 

Participating in regular Reformer Pilates can assist with weight loss by burning calories through different exercises. As Reformer Pilates provides a mix of cardio-respiratory and strength training it is a diverse way your body can be challenged. A healthy diet alongside Pilates is a great way to start seeing and feeling a difference in your body.

8. Reformer Pilates Can Increase Flexibility

Never been able to touch your toes? Reformer Pilates is a good combination of strengthening and stretching. Pilates helps increase range of motion in your muscles allowing them to lengthen, relieve muscular tightness and work better.

Fun Fact: Studies have shown that just 20 Pilates sessions can result in a 20% increase in flexibility.

I hope this post has been interesting and helpful. If you are interested in Reformer Pilates, don’t hesitate to drop by the studio here in Grange or ring us on 8356 1379.

Zeenia Amro

Physio, Dry Needling, Pilates


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