August Newsletter : Phyx. Updates

Welcome to the August 2022 Edition of our newsletter where we will share updates, tips and Phyx. stories.

Bye To Bri

We know quite a few of our lovely patients are itching for an update on our superstar physio Briony 🌟

A decision that was not made lightly, Bri has decided to hang up her Phyx, hat. Although her path is changing from physio, Bri will still remain in health care.

She has been part of the fabric since starting with us in 2019. We are going to miss her wonderful, kind and passionate nature and aslo seeing what is on her socks each day

We want to take this opportunity to wish Bri all the very best for the next part of her journey and cannot wait to see all she will achieve.

Training For City To Bay? 🏃

City to Bay is just around the corner… with any luck 🤞

Our wonderful physio Sophie who is an avid runner has kindly put together some awesome tips, programs and information about running.

As mentioned in our previous post, strength training is essential if you’re a runner.

It prevents injuries by up to 50% and allows you to run more efficiently (say no more!).

If you’re getting bored with your current strength training, or you want to change it up and add something new, then participating in Reformer Pilates is a great place to start. You can read more here about Pilates for runners.

Or more here for Soph’s Running Programs, tips and exercises.

Are You A New Mum?

Our Mums & Bubs programs here at Phyx. Physio + Pilates are very unique.

We have designed a tailored, 8-week program to carefully and safely get you back into exercise after having your baby.

It involves one reformer Pilates class per week, over the eight week duration and is taught by our experienced and friendly maternal health physiotherapists.To learn more about the benefits of M&B Pilates, click here.

Feeling A Bit Stressed & Wound Up 😅

Try our new Magnesium Soaking Salts. 100% natural and pure.

Studies have found that Magnesium is easily absorbed through the skin making soaking in a magnesium filled bath a fantastic way to increase your magnesium levels. Magnesium helps to produce serotonin, which is a mood elevating chemical in the brain that boosts energy and helps you to feel more relaxed.

For more benefits of soaking in a tub with Magnesium, click here.

Does Your Mum’s, Friend’s, Sister Need A Physio? 🤣

We love helping your friends and family!

Send your loved ones in to see us and we will give you a $10 off voucher for your next Physio treatment!

Looking to make an appointment or book a pilates class?

Booking online is the quickest, most convenient way to lock in the time, practitioner & class type you want.