Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapy : Breast Cancer
Did you know breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia with over 20,000  being diagnosed a year!
Let’s break that down a bit more
  • 55 Australians are diagnosed every day
  • 1 in 7 women will be diagnosed in their lifetime
  • 1 in 700 men will be diagnosed in their lifetime
  • 1000 young women are diagnosed every year (that’s 3 a day!)
  • 9 Australians are dying per day from breast cancer!

These are pretty scary statistics!

There is a glimpse of good news! With the help of National Breast Cancer Foundation  (NBCF) and their fundraisers, the 5 year survival rate has gone from 76% up to 91%.

The fight isn’t over yet though.

With more education, awareness and fundraisers, we can help further improve the NBCF research into risk factors, develop new ways to detect and treat breast cancer and improve the quality of life of these patients!

Throughout the month of March, the team at Phyx. completed the 55 day squat challenge, a fundraiser run by the NBCF where they encouraged each participant to complete 55 squats a day.

Thank You

55 squats to match the 55 diagnosed every day!

With the help of our amazing team and community, we were able to donate $689.00!

On behalf of all of us, we want to say a big thank you! Every bit counts!

The reason we were encouraging physical exercise throughout March is because of the impact and importance of exercise.

Studies have shown that people who participate in physical activity (you only need 30 minutes per day!) have an overall lower risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer compared to those that do little to no exercise.

Not only does exercise lower your risk levels but, if already diagnosed, can have beneficial effects mentally and physically for the side-effects that come with cancer treatment.

Jump online, book yourself into a Pilates class, and complete your daily physical exercise in a fun way!

We also provide Cancer rehabilitation Physiotherapy. You can find out more about this here – March Newsletter.


A special thank you to our superstar Physio Holly, for organising such a fun and successful 55 Squat Challenge!

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