Do You Have Abdominal Separation?
post pregnancy abdominal separation

The number of women who get abdominal separation after pregnancy is higher than you think!
Estimated at 37% of women who have had one pregnancy and 67% of women who have had multiple pregnancies have separation of the main abdominal muscle.

What is Abdominal Separation?

Abdominal separation, or diastasis recti (the technical term) is where the main abdominal muscle separates due to the girth of your pregnant belly. Despite giving birth and having your little angel in your arms rather than your tummy, it still never quite stitches itself back together again. Some women may only have a small split in their tummy of 2cm while others can be as large as 20cm wide.

This can lead to a saggy tummy, weak core and it can lead to problems if you get back into exercises without getting it checked and corrected.

How to Fix It?

Our physios are trained in checking for abdominal separation and helping to get your tummy all sewn up again with simple exercises tailored to you.

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