Exercise During Pregnancy

If you’re planning on getting pregnant or are pregnant but aren’t sure what this means in terms of exercise, this one’s for you!

Firstly, be easy on yourself. First trimester can leave you feeling nauseous, fatigued, and sick. So, if you’re not up to exercising, it’s understandable!

Currently guidelines recommend that all women with uncomplicated pregnancies should be encouraged to engage in aerobic and strength conditioning exercise during pregnancy. In uncomplicated pregnancies, regular exercise is safe to both mother and unborn baby.

What Types Of Exercise Should I Avoid?

Aim for around 150minutes total of moderated intensity exercise each week (broken up in to manageable spots).

There are a few exercise types to avoid

  • contact sports
  • exercises with risk of falling
  • hot Yoga or hot Pilates which may cause you to overheat


Pilates In Pregnancy

Pilates is a gentle, low-impact form of exercise with lots of benefits during pregnancy.

Here are our top 5 faves

  1. Strengthening the abdominal muscles, helping to support the weight of a growing bump
  2. Alleviate pain associated with pregnancy (such as lower back pain and pelvic discomfort)
  3. Reduce swelling by promoting enhanced circulation
  4. Improve body awareness and promotes better posture, helping you adapt to the physical changes of pregnancy
  5. Helping to prepare your body for labour and childbirth by improving flexibility, strength and endurance of your muscles

There are certain conditions that can make exercise unsafe during pregnancy so it’s important to discuss exercise with your medical professional during early prenatal visits.


We hope this post has been helpful. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about your pregnancy or would like to get started with Pregnancy Pilates.



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