5 Exercises For A Limber Lower Back
Roll downs for low back pain

Concerned that your back will be tight and sore after a long drive or flight?

That’s because sitting for long periods of time increases the pressure through your spine and can cause muscle tightness in your back, bottoms and legs. Your postural muscles also tend to switch off without you knowing and you can find yourself slouching which can also cause flare ups of back pain!

Here are 5 quick and easy exercises to loosen up your back after a long drive and some tips on pain prevention!

5 Easy Exercises

Use these 5 easy exercises to help keep your spine subtle after a long drive. We recommend you perform them before and after the drive for best effect.

The exercises should be pain free. STOP if you experience any pain.

1. Roll Downs:

From standing position, let your head and arms hand forwards and roll yourself down, one spinal level at a time, as far as your pain/stiffness allows you – hold for 3 seconds, and then slowly roll yourself back up. Repeat x5

Roll downs for low back pain

2. Cobra:

Lay on your tummy with your hands at shoulder level. Push up slowly through your arms as far as your pain/stiffness allows you to. Hold for 3 seconds, and then slowly lower yourself down. Repeat x5

Cobra for low back pain

3. Lumbar twists:

Lay on your back, take your arms out to the side, bend your knees up and twist them to one side, keeping the opposite shoulder on the floor – make sure to twist the other way as well! Repeat x5 to each side.

Lumbar rotations for low back pain

4. Sacrum rolls:

Lay on your back, bring your knees in to your chest and draw little circles on the floor with your tailbone – make sure to go in the other direction too! Repeat x5 in each direction

sacral rolls for low back pain

5. Glute stretch:

Lay on your back, cross one leg over the other knee and reach between your legs to pull your thigh towards you – if you can’t quite reach, just pull your knee up towards your head! Hold for 15seconds. Repeat 3x each side

glute stretch for lower back pain

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