Headaches : What Will Happen During My Treatment Session

Our physios in Grange are trained to treat headaches and we use specific techniques to relieve headaches, fast.

What Will Happen During My Headache Treatment

Usually your treatment will start with some massage to loosen the area and for you and your physio to get used to the pressure that you are able to tolerate.

Treatment then progresses to specific headache techniques were your physio will locate the source of your headaches and release these points.

Your headaches usually come for the top 2 or 3 cervical vertebrae (neck vertebrae), trigger points in your upper trapezius or levator scapulae muscles (the bulky muscles at the top of your shoulder), or at the base of your skull where many of your neck muscles attach.

Once the source of your headache is located, specific headache relieving techniques are used to ‘release’ these points.

Your physio will also likely ;

  • trigger point and massage any other surround tight muscles,
  • mobilise the tight joints in your neck and upper back and
  • may use myofascial cupping and/or dry needling to speed up treatment results.

How Is Poor Posture Involved In Headaches

Cervicogenic headaches are caused by the neck but tightness in your upper back (thoracic spine) and poor posture can also be an underlying trigger.

To prevent relapses, your physio will also loosen these areas and work with you to improve your posture.

This may include hands on work to your upper back (massage, trigger point therapy, mobilisation, manipulation, cupping, dry needling) as well as taping and home exercises to strengthen your postural muscles.

Your physio will also look to give you advice around:

  • your work set up
  • pillow
  • sleeping preference and
  • any other relevant postures (eg driving)/ergonomic considerations.


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