Help your headache at home with these 4 steps

Get a handle on your headache with these 4 steps! They work best if you do them as soon as you feel your headache starting.

  1. Check Your Posture
    Are you slouching, rounding your shoulders or jutting your chin forwards? Try sitting up nice and straight, rolling your shoulders back and bring your chin to a neutral position – the tension you’re putting on your muscles could be the cause of your pesky headache.

2. Exercise

Gently stretch the top of your shoulders/neck to relax the tight muscles with these stretches.

levator scap stretch for headache

3. Self-massage
Rub the sore spots in your neck or shoulders for 30 seconds or so. Common tight and head-achey spots will be the top of your shoulders, very base of your neck and across the base of your skull – don’t go too hard as to not make your headache worse.

4. Apply heat
Nothing relaxes muscles like heat, and a heat bag/patch can get nice and deep into your muscles when left on for 10 minutes. Apply to the base of your neck and the tops of your shoulders.

If your headache persists, be sure to seek help from your physiotherapist who is trained in relieving headaches!

Written by Rhiannon Barnard

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