Low Back Pain : Ah, I’ve Done A Disk!

“I’ve done a disc!”

If you’ve experienced low back pain, you may have heard that you have had a disc injury, a slipped disc, or bulging disc. This might sound scary, but what does it mean?

Up to 85% of the population experience low back pain in their lifetime – a disc bulge is one of the most common causes of this pain.

Intervertebral discs act as cushions between the vertebrae of the spinal column, allowing us to bend in all directions. Sometimes these cushions push out of their normal boundaries (a bit like a burger patty that has been squashed out of its bun!).

This could happen, for example, with age or lifting something heavier than usual. This can cause back pain (typically occurring in the lower back) and/or pain that radiates down your leg.

This can be painful, but the good news is most cases of painful disc prolapses heal within six weeks and physiotherapy is an effective treatment to relieve pain and accelerate recovery.

Your physiotherapy treatment may include:

– deep tissue massage

– spinal mobilisation or manipulations

– trigger point therapy

– dry needling

– cupping

In addition to treatment, it is shown that avoiding bed rest and returning to your everyday activities within your pain limits will help speed up your recovery.


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