March Edition: Phyx. Newsletter

Welcome to the March 2022 Edition of our newsletter where we will share updates, tips and Phyx. stories.

55 Squat Challenge

This month we have joined in on the 55 Squat Challenge and raising money for a great cause, the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Thank you to all those who have generously donated!

We are almost at our goal.

Still a few days left to donate via this link here.

Cancer Rehab

Zeenia has started treating patients during their cancer journey. Thank you to those who are spreading the word and referring their loved ones.

A Bit More About Why Zee Chose To Provide Cancer Rehab

I have recently completed further study in my career by doing the Pinc Cancer Rehabilitation program

I chose to do this course after a close family member was diagnosed with breast cancer. I wanted to help but didn’t know how, so through this course I was able to gain the required skills, knowledge and resources to assist.

Who Can Participate In Cancer Rehab?

Anyone who has experienced some form of cancer through their life can do rehab. From the newly diagnosed, to people ongoing treatment to clients 25+ years after their initial cancer diagnosis.

Depending on what type of cancer you have you may need surgery. After this you may undergo other cancer treatments such as chemo and or radiation. By the time this is all over and if all is well, your Dr will be pleased to tell you that you are cleared to go back to work and resume your normal activities but ‘normal’ may look a little different to you now.

This might feel a bit daunting at first, you may be thinking, ‘but how do I prevent this from happening again’. The answer to this is maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and this will look different on everyone.

Whether your desire is getting back to work, returning to sport/activities, gardening, getting rid of aches and pains, starting exercise again or playing with the children/ grandchildren. We can help you aim towards these goals by regaining your strength and confidence.

BTS Phyx.Alignment Mornings

Please note that the practice will be closed Thursday 31st March 11am – 230pm for our Alignment morning. While it may look to outsiders that it’s just a catch up and chin wag (and it is), we also have some structure ☺️

We run these team mornings 4 times a year to get together for a meal and to cover four main areas.

1. We share our gratitudes.

While we also share 1 gratitude at our monthly All-hands, we each share 3 gratitudes at this team day. It’s a fun and great way to keep up with what our teammates are up to in both their personal and professional lives, from new furry additions to the family, to new rocks on fingers (congrats Zee & Brodie), to lots of little things.

2. We each nominate another team member for embodying the team spirit via a Phyx. Core Value.

We are proud of our core values, they came from us, together about 18months ago. Personally, I’m extra proud that they aren’t just lip service, and that we really do embody them. Doing this activity every 3 months helps to keep our core values front and centre and celebrate another’s great work.

3. We reflect on the previous few months and the things that we have achieved.

Our team is always coming up with great ideas to help move the practice forward and provide a better experience and level of care for our clients. Taking the time to celebrate the positive changes, and attempts at changes is important – as per our core value of  “we celebrate wins”.

4. We set our sights forward, bringing alignment and a team focus as we move in to the next few months.

The last 2 years has obviously involved a lot of changes and a lot of toing and froing. The team has done an incredible job of rolling with the punches, while keeping the highest standards for themselves. In this part of our morning, we pick just one or two things that we are really focusing on for the coming months that will help to move the needle in a meaningful way. It helps to cut out the noise, and refocus us on what we’re here to do, which is to do great and meaningful work.

New Class Alert

☀️We are now running 730am Open Pilates classes with Soph.

This is the third morning in the week that we are starting early. These classes are choccas, so be sure to book yourself online to reserve your spot.

Does Nanna’s, BFF’s, Daughter Need A Physio? 🤣

We love helping your friends and family!

Send your loved ones in to see us and we will give you a $10 off voucher for your next Physio treatment!

Looking to make an appointment or book a pilates class?

Booking online is the quickest, most convenient way to lock in the time, practitioner & class type you want.