Mastitis : Tips For Managing Mastitis

Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast that can lead to infection.

It is often caused by a blocked milk duct, and usually occurs within the first three months of breast feeding.

Mastitis may feel like you have the flu – you may experience body aches and fevers along with breast pain, swelling and warmth.

Tips For Managing Mastitis

1. Avoid firmly massaging the breast. Symptoms are inflammatory, so handle the breast with light strokes.

2. Heat before feeds and gentle massage before feeds.

3. Feed using gravity to help drain from the blocked area.

4. Keep feeding patterns regular and routine (irregular changes can result in milk duct engorgement)

5. Avoid tight bras or those with underwires

6. Use medication to help manage symptoms (speak to your GP about this)

7. Keep your immune system up! Look after yourself by prioritising rest and eating well.

8. Book in sooner rather than later to see your physiotherapist who can assist with decreasing inflammation and engorgement with therapeutic ultrasound and give you more tips and tricks!

If you are experiencing fever and chills, head straight to your GP.

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