Mums & Bubs Pilates Explained

How Do Our 8-Week Mums & Bubs Programs Work

Our Mums & Bubs programs here at Phyx. Physio + Pilates are very unique.

We have designed a tailored, 8-week program to carefully and safely get you back into exercise after having your baby.

It involves one reformer Pilates class per week, over the eight week duration and is taught by our experienced and friendly maternal health physiotherapists.

What Are The Main Benefits

  • Strengthen your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor
  • Tone and strengthen your upper body and back muscles (which often get sore when holding and feeding bubs)
  • Increase core control and stability
  • Improve wellbeing by increasing energy levels
  • Meet other local mums in the area!

How Does It Work With My Baby

You can come to the classes with (or without) your baby! Or alternate each week depending if you have someone to help out.

Bring along anything that might help your little angel keep calm and happy in a new environment (eg. favourite toys, books etc). We usually have a spare room if you would like to feed or change your baby.

Bring them along in their capsule, bouncer, baby carrier or a blanket for the floor.

If they become unsettled, just hop off your reformer, settle them back down and continue in the class. We know this doesn’t always go to plan so we can give you alternative exercises on the floor, reformer or exercise ball if needed!

Do I Need To Bring Anything For Myself

We require everyone in the class to wear a pair of grippy pilates socks. This is just for hygiene and safety reasons. You can purchase them from us on the day or if you already have some then bring them along. If you would like to bring a water bottle and sweat towel you are welcome to.

How Do I Get Started

Once you know when you will be six weeks postpartum, book in an ‘Initial Mums & Bubs’ appointment for around that time via our website. You will also need the all clear from your doctor before your classes start.

In this session, your physio will go through your birth, your recovery, how bubs is going, check your separation, pelvic floor (just from the outside) and run you through the basic Pilates principles. Feel free to bring bubs to this appointment, we are very baby friendly here!

Your physio will let you know when the next available intake is (we run two per month) and they will book you in so you are all good to go! You will get a confirmation email for each class, which you can add to your calendar to keep track.

What Happens If I Miss A Week, Go On A Holiday Or Get Sick

We can’t offer make-up classes as each class is on a specific week in the program.

At your first class you will be given a little goodie bag with a chi ball and theraband inside. There are many free videos on our website that you can do at home (or on holidays) if you wish!

What Happens After The 8-Week Beginners Program

After the 8-week program, we offer the option of another 8-week ‘Intermediate’ class, and then another 8-week ‘Advanced’ program.

You can continue in the next block as long as bubs isn’t on the move! If they are, you may need to find somebody to have them while you come to classes. Little fingers and springs don’t mix.

This way, you have an option to do a total of 24 weeks of tailored post-natal Pilates run by our friendly maternal health physios if you wish!

If you have any more questions or queries, feel free to give our friendly receptionists a call! We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals after having bubs!


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