Post Natal Pilates: Mums & Bubs Pilates Explained

Have you just had a baby?

Well congratulations are in order!

Having a baby and becoming a mum is one of life’s greatest achievements. With this new venture ahead, you might be thinking of getting back into exercise and may ask if it is safe to do so.

If this is you, then keep reading!

Usually if there are no complications, it is safe to start exercising after 6 weeks post-delivery, however you must check with your doctor first to get the all clear.

Benefits Of Mums & Bubs Pilates

  • Good for abdominal separation and pelvic floor strengthening
  • Help tone and strengthen upper body and back muscles (these may get sore/tight when holding and feeding bubs all the time)
  • Increase core control and stability
  • Improve wellbeing by increasing energy levels

What Is My Pelvic Floor?

Your pelvic floor muscles are the layer of muscles from the front to your back passage that support the pelvic organs.

These can become quite weak and may tear during childbirth, which is why gradual strengthening is so important after birth.

If you neglect your pelvic floor this may lead to incontinence.

Find out more information from The Continence Foundation of Australia here.

Post Natal Exercises

If you are interested in starting exercise after your pregnancy, pilates or any low impact exercise such as walking, yoga or gentle aqua aerobics is a great place to start.

At Phyx. we offer unique and exclusive Mums and Bubs pilates classes.

This is a great place to get started, which offers specific post-natal exercises, run by our friendly and supportive physio’s.

Mums And Bubs Pilates Classes

  • Suitable for all mums 6 weeks post-partum (cleared by their Dr) and before bubs are on the move (generally 9 or 10 months)
  • All fitness levels welcome
  • Classes are capped at 6 mums (and their bubs)
  • Taught by our physio’s who will provide a safe environment for your return to exercise
  • Bring along anything that might help your little angel keep calm and happy in a new environment (eg. favourite toys, blanket).
  • We have a spare room if you would like to feed your baby.
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In these small group classes, you will learn how to safely activate your pelvic floor, while strengthening and toning your entire body with a special focus on core control.

We ask you to bring along anything that bubs need and if they are unsettled, we can alter exercises for you to do together. (And our physios are always up for a cuddle too).

To get started you will need to come see one of our lovely physios to ease you into pilates and show you how the classes work.

In this appointment they will get a good understanding of your labour and birth, check if you have any abdominal separation and teach you how to activate your pelvic floor.

If this interests you and you are keen to get back into exercising, please feel free to contact us or send us an email.

We are more than happy to offer advice and answer any questions.

You can book your initial Mums and Bubs Appointment online. Select “New Patient Appointment”.

We look forward to seeing you (and your bub soon).

Phyx. Physio + Pilates Google Reviews

peter choipeter choi
02:44 28 May 24
I had a great experience with Veronica this week. She provided fantastic assessment and treatment which relieved my longstanding L arm pain immediately after the first visit. Thank you so much for your great support.
Kaytee GKaytee G
04:53 13 Apr 24
Great 1st time experience! Very thorough. Listened to my concerns and have established a treatment plan! Staff are all very lovely! Would recommend!
Alan BenfellAlan Benfell
03:06 10 Nov 23
If only giving 10 stars were an option here. I first attended Phyx almost 4 years ago for a niggling pain that after a few visits came good. Then after an injury about a year ago with pinched nerves causing radiating pain in the shoulder area, I returned to visit Phyx again. I started with hands-on physio treatment and then added some one one-on-one Pilates sessions with the physio and now on to group Pilates classes. The hands-on treatment is great as the physios really listen, focus on what you're saying, and are obviously highly skilled to rectify tricky problems. My GP and specialist told me surgery was the only answer, but so far with the treatment from Phyx we're proving that wrong.From day one the team has been amazing, and very professional. Everyone is so polite, friendly and welcoming. Especially making a bloke feel comfortable in fitting into Pilates classes that are generally considered to be a "Ladies' thing". Let me just say, get in there guys it really is a full workout. Thank you all very much.
Frances WrenFrances Wren
01:30 18 Oct 23
Helpful, informative and polite staff. Clean and tidy rooms and waiting area
Robby HRobby H
06:41 18 Feb 23
Absolutely amazing service and friendly staff. They helped me with my issues! I would highly recommend the service which the have to offer. Thank you so much
Trudy GreenTrudy Green
07:41 16 Feb 23
So far I have only had the Physio consultation and have booked into my first Pilates class which will be soon (this is why I have only put 4 stars). The Receptionist was friendly and the Physiotherapist was very thorough and also friendly and I felt comfortable asking any questions. She took me into the studio and showed me a few exercises. I am looking forward to starting my classes soon.
Maddison MellowMaddison Mellow
07:29 28 Jul 21
The team at Phyx are amazing!! From the moment you are greeted at the front desk you are treated with genuine care and kindness. I've been going to Phyx for treatment on a back/neck issue and I am so impressed with the results. The physio team are very knowledgeable, professional and are only interested in achieving the best outcomes for their clients. I also love their pilates classes - they are physio-led and suit anyone, from beginners to elite level. Highly recommend Phyx! 🙂
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