Pilates Clients Must Read : ‘My Account’ Booking Portal



Those who attend Pilates will know that our classes are very busy and we are so grateful for all of your support!

It’s so lovely to see how Pilates is helping you to strengthen and gain confidence in moving your bodies.

We love the community we are a part of, and with the increase in sheer number of people coming to Pilates we have been working on a booking portal that gives you control over your bookings and improves the currently congested system.

Our current path where admin is control of bookings has proven difficult with many changes daily and long lines at our desk. We also wanted there to be fair chance for all to be able to book in to their favourite class.

While creating this booking portal we have asked for particular feedback from clients, so thank you to those who generously gave their ideas, thoughts and time.

We had 3 things in mind

1. Make you your own account so you have full control over your classes (booking and rescheduling)

2. Make booking classes faster so you aren’t required to enter your details each time you book

3. See what upcoming classes you have booked in

With this, here are some how-to videos about your new login portal.

Please Watch Me With Sound On 🔊

From now on, you will book your physio appointments and classes through your personal account which is located top right of your screen “My Account”.

How To Login To ‘My Account’

Head to “My Account” (top right corner) > Lost my password > check your emails for password link

How To Navigate ‘My Account’ + Features

You can now

1. Pilates Classes – See all your upcoming appointments, previous appointments, as well as reschedule, cancel and quickly re-book classes

2. Physio – See upcoming, previous appointments as well as quickly book physio appointments

3. Unsupervised Pilates – See all your upcoming appointments, previous appointments, as well as reschedule, cancel and quickly re-book Unsupervised sessions

How To Bookmark Your ‘My Account’ Page For FAST Bookings

Instead of googling phyx. physio every time you want to make or check your appointments, bookmark this ‘My account’ page for super duper fast bookings.

We are here to help! Whilst we are transitioning please don’t hesitate to ask us for help to book your first few classes. Once your account it set up, it’s easy peasy.

By June 30th, we will completely move to this booking portal for classes. That means that our lovely reception team won’t have access to your classes or account. Pilates will be fully automated and controlled by you (except for making your payments for classes).

Physiotherapy appointments will remain as normal and our admin team will reschedule your appointments for you.

Classes Late Notice Policy

Our classes are often full and have a waitlist. Our aim is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to book into a class, therefore we have now reduced our requirement for changes or rescheduling of classes to 6 hours (from 9hours).

This will give you time to cancel if needed, but also time to book into a class during the day!

Please be advised that if any change at all is made within this timeframe, the loss of a class or $25 fee will be applied to your account. This includes changes from sickness or Covid. We have added online matwork Pilates classes that you are able to do at home if you are unwell or away. See below for more.

Class Bulk Pack Expiries

All class packs purchased from July 1st 2022, will have automated expiries (from your first class 6 pack = 8weeks, 10 pack = 12weeks, 15 pack = 17 weeks).

If you are going away or coming toward the end of your pregnancy, please take this in to account and choose a shorter pack or individual classes.

Online Pilates

Please enjoy our online library and add to your Pilates routine at home. You can do this while you are away on holidays, or if not feeling 100% and unable to attend your class last minute.

Currently you can find this at the bottom of your ‘My Account’ page.


And finally, I really must give a shout out to our developer Julz who has been amazing in creating this and who I’m sure has a few more grey hairs now. If you are another practice who uses Cliniko and runs classes, reach out and more than happy to pass on his details so he can help you with this pluggin.


Updated 2nd July 2022

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