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pilates classes are designed for our every day heroes!

Whole Body Training & Stronger Core
Improved Flexibility & Posture
Increased Energy Levels
Low-Impact. High-Strength
Injury Prevention

This is not a music blaring, crop-top wearing class (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Think boutique Reformer Pilates studio offering tailored advice during classes from your instructors (who are also our physiotherapists).

With 6 students maximum per class, you can expect a high focus on technique, as well as exercises being modified to you, making them more difficult or easy depending on your strength and/or injury.

Your instructors are also your physiotherapists who will work with you to achieve your goals, whether that’s rehabilitating from an injury, general posture and well being, core strengthening or weight loss.

All classes are 40minute reformer Pilates classes. Exercises will vary from week to week to ensure good, all body strengthening and stretching.

Everyone and every body is different. That is why it is essential to have an Initial Exercise Appointment with the physio before coming to your first class. During this appointment, your physio will chat to you about any injuries you may have, your goals, and teach you some of the basics.

In most cases, you will be ready to join our Pilates classes after this appointment. In some complex cases, you may require a few one on one Pilates sessions with your physio (eg after an accident, a long history of low back pain, acutely after spinal surgery).

Initial Exercise Appointment (30mins) $97

Class Prices

1 Class $27
Studio Bulk Pack 6 Classes $23 p/class (valid 8wks)
Studio Bulk Pack 10 Classes $21.90 p/class (valid 12wks)

Mums & Bubs Beginners 6-Week Program

6 Weeks $138

Get started today – Book your “Initial Exercise Appointment”.

You may be eligible to save on classes using your private health insurance.

Ready to book a pilates class?

If it’s your first time, you’ll need to book an initial consult. If you’re looking to re-book a pilates class one of the most convenient ways to lock in the class and time you want is via online booking or contacting the clinic.