Pregnancy Education Series : Low Back Pain In Pregnancy

Low back pain (LBP) in pregnancy is the most common condition we treat pregnant women for in our practice.

Our Top 3 Causes Of Lower Back Pain During Your Pregnancy

Here are the 3 most common causes of pregnancy related lower back pain

1. Postural Changes

As your baby grows, your centre of gravity shifts forward causing changes to your posture. This adds extra pressure to your back and can strain your muscles, ligaments and joints of your lower back.

2. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes which are necessary to cause increased ligament and fascia flexibility which is great for you pelvis and birthing your baby, but can cause added pressure to your lumbar spine causing pain.

3. Muscle Imbalances

Muscles in your lower back, abdomen and pelvic region work together to support your spine. During pregnancy, as your abdomen stretches, these muscles may become imbalanced or weakened which can lead to or further exacerbating lower back pain.

Signs And Symptoms

Here are the most common signs and symptoms of pregnancy related low back pain

  • aching, stiffness or sharp pain in the low back which may radiate down the legs
  • pain may worsen with prolonged sitting or standing, walking, or lifting heavy objects
  • simple tssks such as getting out of bed or changing positions may also trigger pain
  • sometimes low back pain may be accompanied by muscles spasm or sciatica-like symptoms (such as tingling/numbness/pain down the legs)

Physio Management For Your LBP

At phyx., our physios know that pregnancy can be tough on your body. We’re here to help support you and your body as it changes through each stge of your pregnancy.

Physio can help manage LBP throughout (and after!) pregnancy with a combination of

  • hands-on therapy,
  • massage and mobilizations,
  • taping or support garments,
  • gentle pregnancy safe and indicated exercises,
  • individualized advise and
  • activity modification, and
  • pain management techniques.

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