Pilates During Pregnancy : What You Need To Know

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a gentle full body exercise that aims to gain flexibility, build strength, get you moving and is often used as a form of rehab. You may not build up a sweat but you will certainly feel it the next day.

Here at Phyx. all of our Reformer Pilates classes are run by our Physiotherapists, with 6 participants max. The reformers can look a little intimidating at first but we promise, they aren’t scary.

Our classes have a high focus on technique, as well as exercises being modified to you, making them more difficult or easy depending on your strength and/or injury.

Why You Should Do Pilates During Your Pregnancy

Participating in Pilates during your pregnancy has many benefits, including

– reducing pregnancy related pain (especially that nasty back pain),

– strengthening your pelvic floor,

– increasing flexibility,

– increasing strength through your hips and glutes to help prepare your body for childbirth and

– strengthen core to improve and support posture for life as a new mum whilst feeding and carrying bub!

During Pilates, you will also focus on your breathing, helping to calm the nervous system.

It is also a great place to socialise and find other mums to connect with.

What To Expect During The Class

During classes you can expect your instructor to check in with you every so often to see how the exercises feel, whether you would like a progression or a regression of the exercise and to check that they are targeting the correct muscles.

Our mummas-to-be are welcome to join either our Open or Pregnancy Pilates classes.

We have many pregnant women floating around in each of the Open classes, so no need to feel pressured to join the Pregnancy class if the time doesn’t suit your schedule.

How Long Can I Do Pilates Before Giving Birth

It is safe to do Pilates throughout your whole pregnancy. Some of our mums to be have come to our Pilates class a Friday and then given birth later that day! So it is most definitely up to the individual on how long they’d like to continue Pilates for before giving birth, you may continue for as long as you feel comfortable.

How To Get Started

Before joining a class you will just need to book an “Initial Exercise Appointment” with any of our Physios. You can do this online via our website or give us a call to find a time for you.

Please note we have moved online for class bookings, so all classes will need to be booked and rescheduled online via your ‘My Account’. Our reception team no longer have access to Pilates class bookings.

We hope this post has been helpful. Reach out with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!

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