Strengthen and Lengthen: Reformer Pilates Explained

Want to know what all the fuss is about? 

Reformer pilates has become a trendy way to exercise and the benefits are endless!

What Is Reformer Pilates

Reformer pilates is a type of exercise completed on a machine (a reformer) that challenges your entire body. It works through a spring system which alters how hard or easy an exercise can be. It uses the principles of pilates and can be a really beneficial way to rehab after an injury and to get on top of ongoing aches and pains.

The Reformer

The best thing about reformer pilates is that it can be high intensity/strength but low impact.

This means that it gives your muscles a great workout without the strain on your joints.

The reformer is very versatile, you can change the springs in many ways thereby changing the amount of resistance. 

These machines can look quite daunting from a glance but once you give it a go, you’ll realise that it’s not as scary as you think.

The Benefits Of Reformer Pilates

  • Improve posture and postural awareness 
  • Increase strength in ALL your muscles 
  • Increase flexibility 
  • Increase’s your core muscles and stability 
  • Mental and physical wellbeing 
  • Weight loss 
  • Rehab after an injury 
  • Improves balance and coordination 
  • It’s a full body workout 
  • Tone and shape your body
  • Decreases pain
  • Plus much more!

Reformer Pilates isn’t just for women. Many men find it beneficial for a variety of reasons.

For an insight to the benefits from man’s perspective, read this article from Mens Weekly here.

Reformer Pilates At Phyx.

If you are interested in starting Pilates, you will first have an initial consult with the physio. 

During this appointment, they will introduce you to the reformer, screen for any injuries and understand your goals for starting your pilates journey. 

The reformer classes are run by our lovely Physio’s who will modify exercises and intensity depending on each person’s needs and abilities.

We recommended everyone to wear socks, (preferably grip socks) and to bring along a small towel and water bottle. 

Expect to be challenged in our 40-minute classes.

These start with a few warm up exercises, followed by series of exercises with some calming stretches to finish off. 

Each class is different to keep it exciting! You can expect to do a number of exercises lying on your back, sitting, kneeling, laying on your side and standing.

The Phyx. Difference

Unlike other Pilates reformer studio’s, our classes are slower paced (however still expect to sweat and be a sore the next day). 

One of our unique points are that we are super hot on technique!

We are constantly checking that people are doing exercises correctly and safely. 

We like to say that 10 reps with really good technique is much better than 20 average ones. 

If you have a particular injury our physio’s can swiftly modify exercises to suit you. 

If you are interested in starting reformer pilates we would love to meet you and get you started.

For more information of the different class types and our timetable, click here.

Your body will thank you for it.

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