September Newsletter : Phyx. Updates

Welcome to the September 2022 Edition of our newsletter where we will share updates, tips and Phyx. stories.

We Are Expanding ✨

We are so excited to share that we are expanding!

We have been thrilled with the support over the years and love re-investing back in to our community, team and environment, all to help us deliver the best outcomes and experience we possibly can.

Over the next couple months you will notice some works happening in and around our practice as we take over another shop in our centre and expand our Pilates studio. (and before you ask, yes our classes will still be staying at a maximum of 6 people.)

Tune in on Intsa and Facebook to see our progress!

This Is Abbey

You might see Abbey floating around the clinic for the next 2 weeks as she completes her second year Physiotherapy uni placement with us.

Make sure to say hello!

My Account

Your accounts are in full swing and working well.

While you can fully control your Pilates classes online, just a little reminder to please ring or email for any changes to Physio appointments.

Sore Knee?

This month we talk about Patellofemoral Knee Pain, one of the most common causes of knee pain we see as physios.

Patellofemoral pain syndrome commonly involves a dull, aching pain in or around the kneecap. If you’re interested in reading more, click here.

Does Your Friend’s, Brother’s, Hair Dresser Need A Physio? 🤣

We love helping your friends and family!

Send your loved ones in to see us and we will give you a $10 off voucher for your next Physio treatment!

Looking to make an appointment or book a pilates class?

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