Shin Splints: Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

Shin splints are a common complaint amongst athletes, and in particular runners.

Our physio Sophie is an avid runner herself and has worked with runners (enthusiasts and beginners alike) to overcome and prevent shin splints.

Common Causes

Shin splints, also known as medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS) is commonly caused by

  • an increase in weight-baring activity without proper prehab, e.g. beginning a running or walking program suddenly without correct frequency, rest cycles, duration
  • a change in footwear, orthotics or running surface which places stress to different areas in the foot and lower leg
  • wearing of the sole of running shoe that no longer provides adequate support
  • lower limb weakness and tightness

Treatment For Shin Splints (MTSS)

Treatment for shin splints usually involves

  • hands on treatments, needling, taping,
  • footwear correction +/- orthotics
  • strengthening the muscles in the calf, feet and thighs
  • stretching the muscles and nerves in the leg and
  • providing the athlete with an appropriate return to exercise program that considers frequency, duration and rest cycles.

Getting on to your shin splints early is key to a speedy recovery as small tweaks can have a large impact.

MTSS can also progress to stress fractures which require longer rest cycles.


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