SRC Pregnancy & Post Natal Recovery Leggings

This post is not endorsed or sponsored in any way. It is an overview of the SRC pregnancy and post natal recovery leggings from physios who have worn the garments during their pregnancies and beyond.

We aim to answer some of the common questions we hear from our patients.

What Are SRC Pregnancy & Post Natal Recovery Leggings?

SRC pregnancy and recovery leggings are specifically designed to aide with aches and pains relating to both pregnancy and the recovery period.

They are considered medical garments (and therefore GST free) and are endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Can I Wear The Same Leggings Pre And Post Partum?

In short, no. The design of the legging, and in particular the belly support, is specific to pregnancy or the post partum period.

The belly support in the pregnancy leggings is stretchy to allow for you growing belly, while providing a small amount of support.

The belly support in the recovery leggings is much thicker, tighter and more supportive and designed to help draw the tummy in.

You will not be able to wear your pregnancy leggings post partum or vice versa.

Making Sense Of The Options

Pregnancy Range

There are 3 main decisions to be made when purchasing the pregnancy leggings:

  1. Belly support – there is an over-the-belly or under-the-belly option. Both options are very supportive around the pelvis, lower back, hips and SIJs. It is personal preference as to which option will suit your needs. If your belly skin is very sensitive to touch or irritable, we recommend the under-the-belly option. If not, we tend to recommend over-the-belly support to prevent riding down when getting up and down from the floor or bending over.
  2. Length – not all belly supports come in all lengths. We tend to recommend the full length to aide venous return (and to help reduce risk of varicose veins) unless you are a particularly hot frog and prefer the shorter option.
  3. Colour – not all options come in both black and nude. We mostly sell the black leggings as they are worn as typical tights (to Pilates, gym, shopping etc) however if you are wearing them under pants or a skirt, your may prefer the nude (champagne) option.

Post Natal Range

There is one belly option in the post natal range which is designed to aide recovery post section, separation and general support. Nothing to choose here.

Length and colour are the only options. See above for the same details.

We hope this post has helped with some of the decision making around these garments. If you have any other questions or would like to be measured up for a pair of SRC leggings, please ring us on 08 8356 1379.



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