Strength Training For Runners

Are You A Keen Runner?

If so, strength training should be a key component in your running program.

Research shows it can reduce the risk of overuse injuries by up to 50%.

Through increasing your power and coordination, it also helps you run faster and improve your efficiency.

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start, so we have put together a basic home exercise program that you can follow with ease.

The exercises can be performed with no equipment as any strength training is better than nothing.

However, heavier weights have proven to be the most effective at injury prevention, so feel free to add some weights where possible.

4 Of Soph’s Top Tips Before You Start

1. Start by adding strength training once per week and gradually increase to twice per week, this allows your body to recover and adapt to this new style of training.

2. You may experience DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) – this is normal and just means that your strength training is working!

3. Avoid running and strength training on the same day if you can. Overloading your muscles can increase your risk of injury, so ensure you have adequate rest and recovery in between.

4. Try to focus on your technique with these exercises, keeping the movements slow and controlled.

5 Exercises For Your Home Program

  1. Weighted squat (x10)
  2. Single leg deadlift (x10 each side)
  3. Clams or Crab walks (x10 each side)
  4. Double leg calf raises (x15)
  5. Wall squat with heel rise (3x20sec holds)

Aim to repeat this program 3x.

Tailored Program

Try our Unsupervised Reformer Pilates programs where we can work with you to establish a tailored Reformer Pilates Program for you.

You would work closely with one of our Physiotherapists to identify your individual weaknesses, establish your running goals and create a specific program for you with your goals in mind .

I hope this has been helpful, if you have any questions or would like some help with your running or running-related injury, please contact us on 8356 1379 or book your appointment online.

We love supporting our running community in Grange, Henley Beach & West Lakes. If you have a friend who might benefit from this info, feel free to share it with them.

I hope you have found this helpful, let me know your thoughts!

Sophie Bamman


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