Pialtes: The 6 Principles Of Pilates Explained


What is Pilates Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates, who as a child, had illnesses that left him quite frail. He tried to overcome the effects of his sicknesses, by researching different exercise methods. While he was researching, he became fond of the idea of being balanced in body, mind and spirit, so used it…

What is Pilates – Part I


So what’s all this talk about Pilates? Who is Pilates? And why did he always wear white jocks? So, this is Joseph Pilates. You will struggle to find a picture of him wearing anything else but his white jocks, sometimes black jocks, and occasionally he threw on a T-shirt. No one knows why he didn’t…

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Pilates – Part II – what are the benefits?


A little bit more about Pilates Told you he always wore white jocks… In such a busy world, we often do things mindlessly – not in Pilates! Pilates requires concentration and focus. One must be present during Pilates as the exercises are performed in precise range of movements, with a particular breathing pattern and rhythm….