Cortisone: How Do I Know If I Need A Cortisone Injection?


What Is Cortisone Cortisone is the name given to a particular powerful anti-inflammatory medication which is administered via an injection into the painful and inflamed site.  Cortisone is generally administered under ultrasound guidance from a sonographer or radiographer. Using a picture guidance via Diagnostic Ultrasound helps give the best outcome, knowing the injection has gone…


Tennis Elbow: Treatment For Tennis Elbow


Getting to Grips with Tennis Elbow What is Tennis Elbow? Tennis elbow, or as it is known in medical terms, lateral epicondylagia, causes pain on the outer elbow due to tiny injuries to tendons and muscles around the elbow. What causes Tennis Elbow? Tennis elbow occurs when the muscles on the top of the forearm…

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Tendinitis v Tendinosis v Tendon Rupture


What is “Tendonitis”? Tendinitis literally means ‘inflammation of a tendon’. It is usually an acute injury that happens when the tendon is overloaded, which in turn causes pain and swelling from small tears in the injured tendon. A tendinitis can take anywhere between 4-8 weeks to heal if it’s managed well with physiotherapy, anti-inflammatories and…